Welcome at the Terra-Nigra Manufactory


Terra-Nigra ceramic unique qualities:
  • handmade
  • ferruginious
  • metallic sound
  • metallic optics
  • molecular based colouring (no artificial colouring or glazing!)
  • 24 carat gilding, silvering or platinum plating
  • ancient manufacturing process
  • the arguably most exclusive ceramics worldwide
  • made in Austria

Nowadays, Terra-Nigra is called “black gold” because of its exclusive appearance and sparsity. Every piece is unique with its individual character


Worldwide, our handcrafted products are one-of-a-kind due to the the special Terra-Nigra firing process, with their natural colouring and haptics. This makes our products remarkable in many ways. Our production capacity is about 600 pieces a year.

The austere beauty of its simple designs is the embodiment of thousands of years of ancient culture.